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What's in a name?
Motherfucking awesome is in the name, that's what. I'm Mark Skid, and this is my trailer. Boring, right? Don't worry your pussy little head about it,'cause I got wind of a shit-kickin' concert a ways away, and all that lies between me and the show is road and blood.
Hey, someone's gotta put the 'car' in 'carnage'...might as well be me.


Death Skid Marks is a trashy rogue-like car combat game. This means that you upgrade your characters and vehicles while fighting enemies in a top-down arcade action game. The game is highly randomized, and so replaying leads to unlocking new stuff. Death is permanent, and you only have one save game.



Death Skid Marks: Main Theme

Death Skid Marks: Car Selection




Studio Whisky Tango is made of two people who worked on a number of AAA games. The team's driving force is a passion for creating truly unique games efficiently that will leave no player indifferent. Death Skid Marks is the first of such projects.

Jean-Sebastien Royer: He worked on several games and different platforms (GBA, DS, PSP, Wii, 3ds, WiiU, Xbox360, XBoxOne, PC, OUYA, Chrome, Android, ...). He's the creator of the app named Kainy and for Death Skid marks, he did the code, musics and game design on a micro level.

Philippe Doyon: 2D and 3D artist. He worked in the past on different projects in different mediums, be it comics, cartoons, movies or games. He is in charge of doing the art, the sound effects and the game design on a macro level.

Helping Studio Whisky Tango in other areas are also two part time contributors:

Jenny Klein: a writer for TV’s “Supernatural”, who helped a lot on the script.

Steve McDaniel: Who is the charming voice of Mark Skid and ...

Eric Lee Lewis: PR